Depending on their interests and their valuable time, the volunteers contribute to the design and implementation of actions. They are divided into voluntary groups, many of which work together to achieve common goals.

Voluntary groups for the period 2019-2020
  • Voluntary group on mass media
  • Voluntary group on awareness on social affairs
  • Voluntary group on environmental issues and climate change
  • Voluntary group on human rights and childrens’ rights
Voluntary groups and initiatives that operated in previous years

Voluntary group on mass media
The members of this group compile and send Press Releases to all newspapers, radio and television stations in the Prefecture of Rodopi with brief descriptions of the planned actions. Also, after the end of the events, they inform the media about the impact of their actions by attaching rich photographic material.

Voluntary group on European topics and programmes
The volunteers provided valid information on programs and opportunities offered by the European Commission such as studying, staying and working in any EU Member State. In addition, they sought to raise awareness of primary, secondary and high school students for the EU through presentations, educational packages, floor games and EU Institutions Simulations, such as that of the European Parliament, which has been established for years.

Voluntary group on employment, education, and training
The aim was to provide information on the three themes of this group through events – campaigns and the distribution, after careful design, of printed information material (e.g. posters, leaflets, card-postal, etc.)

Voluntary group on “Firstly, Ask!?” 
The members of this group sought to raise awareness of hot and urgent issues such as preventing sexually transmitted diseases, avoiding smoking and gradually reducing it, limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding alcohol use and others.
The volunteers, divided into small groups of 3-4 people, tried to inform the youth by distributing leaflets in key places: cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, malls, beaches of the wider area (during the summer months).
It is worth mentioning here that in order to achieve the goals of this group, the volunteers had developed collaborations with various NGOs from all over Greece: Praksis, Nephaloi, NOSMOKE, KETHEA etc.

Voluntary group on environmental awareness 
It is a group aimed at raising the environmental awareness of mainly young people with material from the European Commission and various NGOs (WWF, Arcturos, Callisto, Mom, Greenpeace, etc.) that deal with environmental issues. The majority of the members of the group are students of the Democritus University of Thrace. Due to the large number of members, the group is divided into six subgroups. Indicatively, we mention the Climate Change Sub-Group aimed at raising the awareness of Primary School students about climate change and the consequent loss of biodiversity, the Sub-group on Waste Recycling and Management and the Sub-group on the protection of the rich forest ecosystems of our country with emphasis on those of our region.

Voluntary group on human rights and children’s rights 
After informing and training our volunteers in this group from a multitude of NGOs and International Organizations involved in this field, the volunteers carry out various Human Rights and Child Rights Information Campaigns following original and unique approaches.  An example is the theatrical event on Trafficking against women which took place on 8th April, 2008 at the Komotini Cultural Cell “REX”.

Voluntary group on the “Youth in Action!” programme 
The volunteers, after attending special sessions of the General Youth Secretariat for Youth in Action Program (2007-2013), provide any information related to the program to any interested party. In this context, they have developed close cooperation with Mission and Reception Bodies both internally and externally.

Library material organization and refurbishment team
The members of this group managed the printed material (books, reports, reports, leaflets, etc.) of the Lending Library of the Center. They were in regular contact with the Office for Publications of the European Union and often ordered new editions to enrich the Library.

Group for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
In collaboration with various NGOs and Associations such as the “PERPATO” Association in Komotini, they designed and implemented events-actions to highlight the problems faced by people with disabilities, to raise the awareness of the general public on the daily life of PwD, and supporting these people to take important initiatives, such as opening up a business with specialized equipment.

Voluntary Group on Consumer Protection 
Volunteers have sought to inform citizens of all ages about their rights as consumers. Equally important for this group were the partnerships with various agencies that have been developed, which are valuable contributors to the effort. Indicatively, the organizing of informative events on the topic of “Safe Internet” on the occasion of Safe Internet Day (12 February 2008) was co-organized with the Rhodope and Evros Secondary Education Directorates, with the responsibility of the Health Care Centers and Health Centers, “Digital Awareness and Response to Threats-DART” Task Force of the Special Secretariat for Digital Planning of the Ministry of Finance & Finance, during which students, teachers, and parents from Komotini and Alexandroupolis were informed on the benefits and risks of using the Internet.

Voluntary Group on Culture 
Members of this group were trying to promote Intercultural Dialogue in the local community, to take part in actions organized across Europe in view of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008, and to organize similar actions in the wider region.

Voluntary Group for NGOs and International Organizations
Although most voluntary groups develop contacts and collaborations with NGOs and International Organizations related to their themes and priorities on their own, there are volunteers who maintain regular contact with NGOs, voluntary groups and International Organizations not only nationally but also at the European level.

Voluntary Group on Gender equality 
Through the design and distribution of printed information material, the members of this group tried to raise public awareness about gender equality.

Voluntary Group on ICT  (Information and Communications Technology)
This group consisted of 35 members who every Saturday from 16:30-19:30 attended free computer lessons according to the official syllabus of ECDL Core by a volunteer instructor of Europe Direct Komotini with IT knowledge at ECDL Expert level.